pierre hardy

Pierre Hardy was born in Paris. From childhood he had two passions: dancing and drawing.

During his visual arts studies, he joined a contemporary dance company where he learned balance and movement, experimented with the possibilities of the body.

The first steps in the fashion world were made through illustration for magazines.

These drawings led him to join Christian Dior and design the shoe collections there. The way is open.

 In 1990 Pierre Hardy joined Hermès, where he designed the shoe collections for Women, then for Men. In 2001, Hermès also entrusted him with the creation of the Jewelery store and then that of the Haute Bijouterie.

 In 1999, Pierre Hardy founded his eponymous brand. It allows him to fully express a new identity through strong, graphic and radical collections.

1999, my entry into the world of fashion at Balenciaga, met Nicolas Ghesquière and Pierre Hardy, the best school to educate your palate.

Pierre Hardy is in my opinion the most talented French shoemaker because of his creative energy, his technical prowess, his unique style.

and Pierre is also his laughter so infectious that he reasons behind us.

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